Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do you wear an "Empty Suit" ?

Yes, that is "the Question" from the Holy Spirit as we head into the New Year and each of us "as Christian's" need to be asking ourselves each morning as we look in the mirror preparing to go out the door and face the world we deal with each and every day...Are we just an "empty suit"..

Have we filled ourselves with the Love and the Grace.. God intends for us to extend to everyone we encounter... Have we filled ourselves with His Word......His Compassion.......His LONG-SUFFERING for those we encounter placed on our path as sandpaper to refine us into a workman worthy of heaven....are we filled with the Holy Spirit who gives us the words when we know not what to say?

Or are we just "an empty suit" ?

No love within us for the understanding of "except for the grace of God there go I".......No Word of Truth but only gossiping banter compassion for the unworthy heathens...only contempt... LONG-SUFFERING or do you "dance on a dime" when slashing back at your offenders ? and as to the Holy you think he really fits inside even the space of your outer pocket when you dress in such a fashion?

Is your mirror dusty? ask someone to

Pass the Windex......

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