Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Child's Prayer

A Child's Prayer

Dear God

Please help me to understand my Daddy

He tells me I am lucky to live in America

But everyday I hear him shouting at mommy about this country has gone to the dogs and that our president is a yellow commie and he wishes someone would kick his butt.

He tells me to be kind to all my friends no matter how they behave towards me but he is angry and mean all the time to Mr. Wilson next door because he voted for Obama.

He tells me to share my toys and if one of my friends doesn't have any to give him some of mine because I have so many..but I heard him tell someone the other day that he'll be damned and go to hell before he gives one more penny to the give to someone who doesn't have any .

He tells me it is a sin to lie but when the phone rang this morning he said answer it and tell them that he is not home.

Please God save my Daddy

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